Services we provide
Quattro Computers is characterized with variety in own business. Services which are providing by this company are as follow: Selling computer equipment, printer equipment, video equipment, IT network equipment.
• Building, configuration, maintenance of networks and computer systems with and without wires (wired and wireless) and software systems.
• Certification of all kinds of cables.
• Computer training (Windows, MC Word, MC Excel, MC PowerPoint, Internet Explorer)

List of offered services
• Technical support for all kind of IT issues
• Computer repair and diagnosis
• Computer installation
• Testing of security at computer systems
• Networks wired/wireless
• Hardware installation
• Installation and upgrading of various systems
• Anti-virus software installation
• Bringing back of lost data during the working process

Main goal of company policies is connection between quality product and consumer satisfaction. Team of Quattro Computers is characterized with skills, professionalism and vigilance in the field of computer, finance and economic sciences. Professionalism and specialization are crucial issues of this company, as two factors which are increasing capacity of company in a way of building quality and flexibility in services.