Services we provide

Quattro Computers provides superior compatibility and offers the compatible models for various brands, like Cisco, HP, Brocade, IBM, 3Com, Agilent, ALU, Enterasys, Extreme, Foundry, Linksys, Juniper, Netgear, SUN, etc

Quattro provides several hundreds of SFP/SFP+/XFP products, compatibles with Cisco, HP, Brocade, IBM, 3Com, Agilent, ALU, Enterasys, Extreme, Foundry, Linksys, Juniper, Netgear, Nortel, SMC, SUN, etc. Buying Quattro's SFP products will effectively lower your total implementation costs.

To be compatible with some specific brand, the products should go thru a series of comprehensive field tests with different device models.

For example, dealing with the Cisco compatibility, we test the SFP on ASR 9000 series, Nexus 2000 series and Nexus 5000 series, respectively.

Investigating on the HP compatibles: HP has ProCurve E-series switches and H3C A-series switches. For kinds of fiber optics, the switch uses SFP/SFP+ or XFP to interface with the fiber cables. ZyGMA7 provides more than 700 types of SFP modules to satisfy the customer needs.

Specifically for HP ProCurve E-series and H3C A-seires, we try our best to offer the compatibles, including the 1Gbps and 10Gbps models. There are few vendors providing the genuine HP-compatible models, we are one of the premium vendors to support the HP compatibility. Contact with us for details! SFP used in Fibre Channel storage devices: Brocade Compatibles

Main goal of company policies is connection between quality product and consumer satisfaction. Team of Quattro Computers is characterized with skills, professionalism and vigilance in the field of computer, finance and economic sciences.

Professionalism and specialization are crucial issues of this company, as two factors which are increasing capacity of company in a way of building quality and flexibility in services.
Brocade is the most important vendor for Fibre Channel storage product arena. Quattro provides Brocade-compatible products for deployment along with Brocade FC switches.

The products are fully tested with guarranteed compatibility. Specifically, our offerings are of huge cost-savings for Brocade business partners. After that, many transmission media are adopted, including the UTP, the RF wireless, and the the fiber. Fiber can carry the signal to hundreds of kilometer away, with ultrawide bandwidth.

So, it plays more important role as the backbone. FTTx is a way by fiber to connect Ethernet to your places, including office buildings, apartments or houses, from the carrier operator's phone offices.

For each implementation of FTTx, the needs are different for specific environment. So, we need to tailor to the project requirements.

Other than FTTx, more and more fiber networking technologies are used in enterprises, for buidling backbone, multi-building networking, campus networking, dormitory, etc. In this issue, we introduce our fiber switches and SFP/XFP transeiver products in more detail for you. Gigabit Ethernet Switches for Edge application, such as in FTTx, ISP Deployment, Enterprise Connectivity, etc. Fiber networking interfaces are specifically designed for long-reach deployment, the fiber interface is more important than the port-count. Furthermore, dual fiber interfaces could be used to daisy-chain the switches.