Who we are
Quattro Computers is leader and distributor of computer equipment, accessories and office supplies. As private company Quattro Computers provides computer systems, maintenance, networks and many other computer services and equipment regarding consumer demands.

Quattro Computers has been established in 2002, as small enterprise, six years hard working has increased company as very important computer center in region of Tetovo, Gostivar, Skopje and other cities.

Market of Quattro Computers has enormous consumers, starting from home users, businessmen, educational and political centers, nongovernmental organizations, as well different private companies. In order to fulfill market demands and to ensure consumer satisfaction Quattro Computers has professionally trained teams, which are skilled self motivated in organizing and communicating with clients. Being always in step with the time in the field of computer technologies Quattro Computers is cooperating with well known partners and brands such are: Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, Nexons, Panasonic, LinkSys, Samsung, Canon etc.

Professionalism and specialization are crucial issues of this company, as two factors which are increasing capacity of company in a way of building quality and flexibility in services. Main goal of company policies is connection between quality product and consumer satisfaction.

Mision of Quattro Computers
Mission of Quattro Computers is continuous attempt to understand consumer needs and at same time to fulfill same ones. Also attempt to bring new technologies is one of the main activities of this company.

Vision of Quattro Computers
Vision of Quattro Computers is to increase own business potential, to extend own business outside of country and also improvement of quality, services and creativity.